AI Research Centers and Labs

  1. Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence  (Here)
  2. Google AI (Here)
  3. SAIL-TOTOTA Center for AI Research at Stanford (Here)
  4. Samsung Research AI Center (Here)
  5. FCAI – Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence  (Here)
  6. JD-AI Research (Here)
  7. UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence (Here)
  8. Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab
  9. AI Resource Center – Elsevier
  10. Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence: ICAI
  11. AI Center – Montreal
  12. CAIR is an Artificial Intelligence Research Centre – University of AGDER
  13. Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AI Center)
  14. AIRC
  15. German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (Here)
  16. Allen Institute for AI (Here)
  17. AI Now Institute at New York University (Here)